My practice

Through my practice, which is based 100% on client referral, I have been providing chiropractic care to the San Francisco community since August 2000. My approach addresses the nervous system as a whole to determine the best method of adjustment and treatment, which is carefully tailored to suit each client’s neurological work up.

Before the first treatment, patients undergo a 60-90 minute initial consultation in which an in-depth history is taken (including current and past concerns, health, job, family, lifestyle and more). The clinical examination includes neurological tests (like sensory, motor, blind spots, etc.) and orthopedic tests. Many patients say it is the most extensive and complete evaluation they have ever received.

My unique approach is to make each treatment/adjustment individual and adaptive depending on the patient symptoms, age and condition. My technique varies depending on the patient. For example if the patient’s nervous system is not ready to receive a forceful adjustment, I will uses more gentle less invasive treatments. This may or may not change once the patient’s nervous system is stronger or more stable.

My specialities are chiropractic, non-invasive neurology and the Cox Technic. My training enables me to provide extensive, targeted neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation.

Through discussion I aim to empower each patient with knowledge to understand their condition and what is required to recover. After the first few visits, I provide information to maximize the care that they are receiving, with tools to incorporate into their daily lives. This enables patients to maintain the beneficial effect of each visit, to continue improvement and to be more in charge of their health.