Cox Technic

Cox technique is a non-force chiropractic adjustment and the safest alternative to back surgery. The safety and effectiveness of this research-based approach is supported and proved by over 40 years of studies. It is the only chiropractic technique where research and studies have been federally funded 3 times. To receive Federal funding for research studies supports its efficacy and shows that the government considers this technique a valuable tool for saving money on medical costs.

The studies that received medical funding were undertaken by James M. Cox, I, DC, DACBR at the National University of Health Sciences with Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine:

  • #1 – Chiropractic Demonstration Project Grant – HRSA – Biomechanics of Low Back Flexion-Distraction Therapy
  • #2 – A Comparison Study of Chiropractic (Cox7 Flexion Distraction Manipulation) Versus Medical Conservative Care (physical therapy)
  • #3 – A Comparison Study of Cox7 Distraction Vs. Medical Care for Chronic Neck Pain


The difference between the Cox Technic and other types of spinal traction is that with the Cox Technic every step is monitored by a doctor and tested on patient’s tolerance, where other types of spinal traction are monitored by a computer. Flexion/distraction manipulation is strictly customized for each patient according to his/her conditions and symptoms. For this reason I strongly feel that the Cox Technic is far superior in safety and effectiveness than any other spinal traction approach.

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